Under no circumstances whatsoever shall Seller be liable to any person, firm or corporation for any special, indirect or consequential damages, whether for breach of contract, negligence, misrepresentation or otherwise and whether resulting in lost profits, interest on money borrowed or invested, impairment of goods, work stoppage or otherwise, in any way arising out of the sale of any products or services by Seller to Buyer or any transaction to which these Standard Terms apply. The liability of Seller and the exclusive remedy of Buyer for any defect or breach or for any action relating to the sale of any products or services by Seller to Buyer, whether based in contract, negligence, strict liability, tort, breach of warranty, or otherwise, is limited, at Seller’s option, to repair or replacement of the defective goods or services or refund of the purchase price therefore. The foregoing shall constitute the sole and exclusive liability of Seller and the sole and exclusive remedy of Buyer or anyone claiming on behalf of or through Buyer.

In these terms and conditions, Robotic Sorting Solutions refers to the issuer of the Buyer Warranty (the “Warranty”) as ‘We‘, ‘Us’ or ‘Our’.

  • Breakdown – means a breakdown of a covered Item, whether a result of mechanical issues or electrical issues that affects the functionality or operation of the Covered Item.
  • Covered Item – means the item identified on Our Invoice, being an Robotic Sorting Solutions Product which You purchased from Us.
  • Robotic Sorting Solutions Warranty – means warranty for the Covered Item, the terms, conditions and Exclusions of which are set out in this document.
  • Dollar Limits – the maximum amount payable by Us under this Robotic Sorting Solutions Warranty will be the original Purchase Price of Your Covered Item (inclusive of Taxes) per claim.
  • Exclusions – means the circumstances that are not covered by the Robotic Sorting Solutions Warranty as set out in these terms and conditions.
  • Purchase Price – means the purchase price of the Covered Item specified on the Invoice, inclusive of Taxes.
  • Replacement Terms – means the paragraphs in this document under the heading “Replacement Terms”.
  • Invoice – means the invoice that We issued to You for the Covered Item You have purchased.
  • We, Us, Our – means Robotic Sorting Solutions from whom You purchased the Covered Item.
  • You, Your – means the purchaser to whom We have issued Our Invoice.

Subject to the Exclusions and Dollar Limits, Robotic Sorting Solutions Warranty provides You with peace of mind for any Breakdown of Your Covered Item, whether as a result of mechanical issues or electrical issues that affects the functionality or operation of Your Covered Item. This means that, under Robotic Sorting Solutions Warranty, if a Covered Item suffers a Breakdown at any time during the term of Your warranty period, the Covered Item will be repaired or replaced.


During the period of the Robotic Sorting Solutions Warranty, if You choose to make a claim under Robotic Sorting Solutions Warranty and it suffers a Breakdown that does not fall within the categories of Exclusions, then We will, at Our discretion:

  • Repair the Covered Item:
    • We will attempt to repair the Covered Item in the first instance, in which case we will work with you to identify the nature of the issue by phone or email and where possible supply the replacement parts to you. Alternatively, we will direct You to the nearest service center. However, We will not always elect to repair the Covered Item (for example, if We determine that repairs are unlikely to be effective or economical) and in those cases, We will replace the item in accordance with the Replacement Terms.
  • Replace the Covered Item in accordance with our Replacement Terms:
    • If We elect to replace the Covered Item then We will replace the Covered Item with an identical item or, if an identical item is not available, an item with equivalent specifications to the Covered Item. The cost of replacement will not exceed the original Purchase Price of the Covered Item.

      Replacement Note: The replacement product We supply may have a lower selling price than the Covered Item and is a replacement based on equivalent specifications. Replacement of a Covered Item is not limited to the original manufacturer’s brand due to availability of products and changes in technology. Where the original brand is no longer available for any reason, we may supply an equivalent product.


Robotic Sorting Solutions Warranty commences on date of delivery for the product and ceases when either of the following occurs:

  • The end date of the service term; or
  • Any conditions discussed herein or on the Terms and Conditions page

The original warranty period of any product, which has been either repaired or replaced, will not be extended beyond the original warranty period.


Selling of the Covered item is not permitted under the Terms of Use without prior consent from an authorized individual at Robotic Sorting Solutions. Such authorized individuals include only owners or managers of Robotic Sorting Solutions. If You choose to violate the Terms of Use and sell the Covered Item, Robotic Sorting Solutions Warranty cannot be transferred to the new owner, and there will be no expectation of coverage for the item.

Dollar Limits

The maximum amount payable by Us under Robotic Sorting Solutions Warranty will be the original Purchase Price of Your Covered Item (inclusive of Taxes) per claim. We may avoid or reduce a claim under Robotic Sorting Solutions Warranty if You make any misrepresentation or any fraudulent or dishonest act or omission in connection with the claim.


The following ITEMS, COSTS and CLAIMS are excluded from cover. There are some costs that are not covered by Robotic Sorting Solutions Warranty and which You will have to pay in the event of a claim, unless You are able to recover those costs from another person. These are as follows:

  • If required, you must deliver the Product to the Service Agent at your cost, Robotic Sorting Solutions will cover the return cost back to you. It is at your risk to transport the product to the nearest service center. Robotic Sorting Solutions do not accept liability for loss or damage;
  • Any cost associated with access, repair, removal, replacement, installation or re­installation of the Covered Item, unless this has been approved by Us and where the cost is in addition to the costs of assessment and any freight costs;
  • Normal maintenance costs, including costs relating to the cleaning, lubrication, alignment, tuning, reprogramming or adjustment to the Covered Item;
  • Any loss, damage, cost or expense in relation to loss of use or consequential loss resulting from any Breakdown of the Covered Item.

The Robotic Sorting Solutions Warranty does not cover any of the following components or specific conditions:

  • Normal Wear and Tear
    • Normal wear and tear is not covered, that is, problems with the operation or functionality of the Covered Item as a result of normal usage within manufacturer’s recommendations.
  • Misuse
    • Breakdown as a result of improper or unauthorised modification or repair;
    • Breakdown caused by a failure to follow the manufacturer’s installation or operating instructions; or
    • Breakdown caused by, but not limited to, accidental or deliberate damage, neglect, abuse, wilful act, misuse, theft, foreign particles, liquid damage, abnormally corrosive conditions, rust, mildew and mould; excessive heat, moisture or dampness.
  • Consumable products and accessories
    • Breakdown or consumption of consumable products such as cables, cords, software items, filters, tools, perfboards, and the like; or
    • Breakdown of any accessories provided by the manufacturer with the Covered Item; or
    • Breakdown of any accessories not provided by the manufacturer with the Covered Item.
  • External sources
    • Breakdown resulting from external sources including but not limited to infestation, flood, fire, interference, external wiring and connections, or non­compatibility of accessory equipment, electrical interference, power surges and voltage fluctuations; or
    • Loss of software, data, or other storage devices as a result of viruses, malfunction or damage of an operating part.
  • Non‐operating or cosmetic deterioration
    • Any issues arising as a result of non-­operating or cosmetic deterioration that do not affect the functionality or operation of the Covered Item.
  • Inherent defects announced by manufacturer
    • Breakdown caused by inherent defects such as date non­compliance, pre­existing defects, recalls or design defects where the manufacturer has notified the public of such defects; or
      • A Covered Item that is subject to a manufacturer recall.
  • Serial number is damaged or illegible
    • If the Covered items serial number is damaged or illegible the warranty may be void.
  • Third party accessories
    • The use of non-approved third party accessories may result in damage to the covered item will not be covered by this warranty.

Review the manufacturer’s product manuals and instructions, as this will often pinpoint what is wrong and advise You how to remedy the issue. You can choose to:

  • Make a claim under Robotic Sorting Solutions Warranty;
  • Make a claim against Robotic Sorting Solutions or the manufacturer if there has been a breach of a consumer guarantee under US Consumer Law

To make a claim under Robotic Sorting Solutions Warranty, You will need to lodge a claim through one of the following methods:

Please provide your name and address, model, serial number, date of purchase, a copy of your Invoice and a complete description of the problem. This information will help Robotic Sorting Solutions provide fast assistance. Remember, any costs associated with repair, removal or installation of the Covered Item will not be paid unless first approved by Us.


By requesting and accepting this Robotic Sorting Solutions Warranty, You will be supplying Us with personal information which We will hold so that We can administer Your Robotic Sorting Solutions Warranty, including processing claims and responding to Your queries. The information is held by Us and may be disclosed to the company who covers Us for Our liability to You under Robotic Sorting Solutions Warranty and to other companies to enable the administration and management of Robotic Sorting Solutions Warranty or to service providers such as assessors and loss adjusters in the event of a claim. With some exceptions You have rights of access to and correction of information upon request. See the Privacy Policy for more information.